Information for Parents – Leura Child Care Centre & Preschool

Leura Child Care Centre is owned and operated by local parents with four children ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old. We know first hand the importance of finding a centre that supports your family during this busy and sometimes stressful period in your life.

We take a holistic approach when working with children. Parent and caregiver involvement is vital for your child’s wellbeing and growth. So we aim to be a warm and embracing home away from home for your entire family, allowing you to feel confident that your child is happy, being well educated, and cared for.

With the cost of living for families at a record high, especially so close to Sydney, pressures on families today are enormous. We understand Blue Mountains families may also have long commute times, and often don’t have family living close by. So we strive to provide support in multiple ways, below are a few practical examples.

Parent app to view daily photos & stories

Every family has a private parent portal known as Storypark which they can access via a phone app or computer. This allows you to view pictures of your child or stories happening in the Centre. You can share these images/stories with family anywhere in the world, so they too can enjoy these precious moments of your child’s early years. You can also easily communicate with us daily via your portal.


Exchange clothes and toys

In our foyer is a recycling section where parents can drop off clean, used clothes, toys, books and children’s DVDs to swap or share with other families. This helps build our centre community and helps families financially.

Use our family-friendly kitchen

Parents can use the kitchen next to our main playroom to make a tea or coffee, and have a snack during the day. A cuppa and a nice chat with our educators might be just what you need! If you or your child didn’t eat breakfast in the morning rush, you’re welcome to bring food into the centre and make breakfast for yourself and/or your child.

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