Leura Child Care Centre & Preschool’s philosophy

You’ve likely heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. We see our role as a community service to help support, build and grow families.


Relationships underpin all that we do. 
Our vision is to create a warm and nurturing environment, connecting children, families, and educators to be a strong, vibrant and supportive community.

Our Philisophy

We identify the indigenous significance of our land and acknowledge the Darug and Gundungurra peoples are the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of the Blue Mountains.


We believe in the importance of play and its vital role in supporting how young children learn and develop.

We provide a service which embodies inclusive and equitable values. Our policies and practices support the rights of every child and their family.

We believe in every child having access to a quality early childhood education and care program, so that they may participate meaningfully and experience positive outcomes in their learning and development.

We value periods of uninterrupted time in enabling children to play and learn at their own pace.

We encourage free-flowing, imaginative, fun and adventurous play.

We view each child as an innately competent, capable, and curious learners.

We value the importance of taking time to help children self-regulate, develop emotional intelligence, and build resilience.

We acknowledge children feel empowered when their voices are heard and validated, building self-respect and a sense of belonging.

We offer children the opportunity to make decisions to support their developing sense of agency and ability to problem solve.

We recognise a balance of consistency and flexibility supports children in feeling safe and secure in their world.


We foster partnerships with families and the community, built on mutual trust and respect over time.

We support the family as the child’s first and most influential teacher.

We understand and respect that all families are unique and aim to support them.

We understand that we are often families only local support and we take this role seriously.

We give priority to families who are working, engaged in study or may be experiencing vulnerable circumstances.

We celebrate cultural diversity through meaningful planned experiences and endeavour to respectfully develop real understandings around difference.

We acknowledge that family, community and culture are deeply part of who children are and who they become.


We embrace our natural outdoor spaces as valuable learning environments, knowing they offer a deep connection to the land and wider community.

We provide a natural environment with opportunities to explore, engage in, and extend their skills and learning opportunities.

We embrace our unique mountains climate and encourage children to play outside in all weather. We see this as vital for children’s development and well-being.

We strive to model and teach environmentally sustainable ways of being, thinking and doing.

We always work towards creating an uncluttered (less is more approach), calm and natural aesthetic that feels inviting and homely as well as dynamic.


We are guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and current research, believing these underpin best practice in early childhood education and care.

We consider the “Whole Child” in all aspects of our planning and learning environment, encompassing each child’s social, emotional, spiritual, creative, cognitive and physical development.

We understand children grow and learn at their individual pace in the context of a wider social group. This forms the basis of our curriculum.


We strive to be a collaborative enthusiastic team of educators with open hearts and a positive attitude.

We work together with a ‘one centre’ approach. We are involved in caring for the wellbeing of all children in the centre, irrespective of which room they are based in.

We maintain our team’s interpersonal connections and communications with a spirit of unity, grace, kindness, support and encouragement.

We seek wisdom, advice and understanding both individually and collectively, so we can successfully implement a quality service for all.

We value our educator’s individual and collective early childhood qualifications and experience in all we do.

We seek ongoing professional development to promote forward thinking, inspiration and enthusiasm for the Early Years sector.

We engage in reflective practice.

We take time to develop and nurture our relationships with children, families, and each other.

Together, we achieve more!

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