Fees at Leura Child Care Centre & Preschool, near Katoomba

Opening hours

Leura Child Care Centre & Preschool offers Long Day Care from 7:30am to 6:00pm, from Monday to Friday. We are open throughout the year, except for three weeks during the Christmas/New Year holidays.

Affordable fees

Our fees are affordable and your child will receive a quality early childhood education. The cost per day is $102.50 for children of all ages (0-6 years), less the government rebate you will receive, which is dependent on your combined family income.

Below is a chart estimating your out-of-pocket costs, after your child care benefits (Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate) are paid direct to the centre.

Please note these figures are approximate and may not be 100% correct at this point in time.

Combined Family Income 1st Child 2nd Child
$51,000 and below $19.00 $19.00
$60,000 $23.00 $21.00
$70,000 $25.00 $23.00
$80,000 $28.00 $24.00
$90,000 $29.50 $26.00
$100,000 $31.00 $27.77
$110,000 $33.00 $30.00
$120,000 $36.00 $32.50
$130,000 $38.00 $35.50
$140,000 $40.00 $38.00
$150,000 $51.25 $49.00
Over $150,000 $51.25 $49.00

Please note:

  • If more than 2 children are attending, the child care rebates increase)
  • The out-of-pocket costs above are just a guide. To find out more about your eligibility for governmental subsidies click here.
  • Phone Family Assistance Office 13 61 50 or visit
  • Centrelink’s online estimator can be accessed here.
  • For more information on child care benefit rebates, go to page 8-10 in this Guide to Government Payments PDF.

How to pay your fees

Once our Centre is open in January/February 2017, fees can be paid easily online through individual payments or direct debit. You will have access to a personal payment portal which you can view anytime online via Qikkids. A link will be added to this page ready for Term 1 of 2017.

What to bring

  • Lunchbox with food for morning and/or afternoon tea and lunch
  • Drink bottle with water
  • Bottles made up with formula
  • Cot sheet/blanket/comforter
  • Nappies

We provide a late afternoon snack, and will often cook a meal with the children to eat.

Benefits of bringing a lunch from home:

  • You can control what your children eat and minimise allergy issues
  • Children can be fussy eaters and will often eat more from a lunchbox from home with familiar food they like
  • Keeps the fees affordable for already stretched families
  • We are able to invest more resources back into the centre, providing quality early childhood education and care for your child
  • Eating from your own lunchbox is good preparation for school.
  • This enables us to invest in more qualified staff and higher staff to child ratios.
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